Whether you need general set-up labor or specialized dedicated technicians to operate your next event, Corporate Event Technology Solutions has an extensive network of highly-trained, professional, and knowledgable Audio-Visual technicians.  Familiar with a variety of cutting-edge and industry-standard equipment, our technicians adhere to the highest of professional standards and understand the great importance of positive client-technician interactions. Professional in apperance, flawless in execution, and unparralleled in customer service; discover how Corporate Event Technology Solutions can fulfill your event's staffing needs and exceed even the highest of expectations!


Services Offered:


  • A1 (Audio Engineer): Audio expert responsible for complete design, set-up, and tuning of audio systems.
  • A2 (Audio Operator): Audio specialist assisting A1 in set-up and operation of audio systems as directed by A1. 
  • AV Tech-Operate: Technicians who operate multiple break-out rooms and assists clients and presenters to ensure a polished end-product for clients.
  • LD (Lighting Director): Involved in all aspects of light-show design and directs lighting set-up and strike. Operates most complex lighting systems.
  • L1 (Master Electrician/Lighting Engineer): Primarily responsible for lighting set-up as directed by LD. Also capable of operating lighting systems.
  • L2 (Lighting Operator):  Assists L1 in setting up and striking lighting system. Responsible for placement and light-duty light operation.
  • Projectionist (DLP/LCD): Projection specialist responsible for placement, image-quality, and configuration of projection systems.
  • General Labor (Load-I/O/Stagehands/Set/Strike): Responsible for loading/unloading of trucks, set-building, and set-up of basic AV systems.
  • V1 (Video Engineer): Expert in the design and set-up/strike of video systems. Works closely in directing camera operators, technical directors, and projectionist.
  • V2 (Video Operator): Specialist that assists V1 in set-up/strike of video equipment. Capable of some operation of video systems.
  • Technical Director:  Responsible for video-switching and on-site camera direction.
  • Project Manager:  Experienced AV expert, responsible for coordinating all aspects of production from planning, execution, venue interaction, and direction of crew and delegation of equipment.
  • Lead Technician: Senior technician responsible for leading crews of AV operators/General Labor.  Coordinates and assists crews as directed by project manager and ensures proper functions of AV set-up.









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